Hedge Maze

Its walls are 3.5 km long and shaped after the legendary mythical stag. To find the right way – which also leads through wooden bridges – a variety of themed Hungarian and English questionnaires are helping you. For those weary of roaming the center of the labyrinth provides a lookout and during the summer refreshing gates are placed to cool off. Maze or Labyrinth?


Willow Tree Labyrinth

It was modeled along the lines of a belt buckle during the Hungarian Conquest, which offers spectacular scenery from the bridge above the exit. The labyrinth is 1.2 km long and its man-height walls are wattled of riverside willow branches from the Tisza River. Maze or Labyrinth?

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Folk games

You can also try the hit-the-chicken game, walking in a swamp or riding a barrel. The race cars at us are using muscle force to work. If you still have energy left, our “mandatory” game is the climing of the rope maze.

Numbers War Game field

It is a perfect location for this exciting game. The players are divided into two teams, if possible their numbers should be about equal.
Then the numbered plates are placed on the participant’s foreheads which is the essence of the game. After this the game can begin.

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The popular playground of our Eco Park provides an excellent entertainment for young and old. You can use the power of water to turn wheels, carry sand on a production line, or test how advanced your sense of balance is.


Our bulding can easily be noticed from the road leading to the Ópusztaszer Heritage and is primarily used for team-building trainings and organized events. In the middle of it a beehive oven is built for cooking and baking. The yurt sheathing invokes the plan of a maze during the Roman times but sometimes it fills the role of the dance floor too. Our giant chessboard and sand table reminding us our past are also placed here.

Logic puzzles

Amusing and thought-provoking logic games for everyone between 0 and 99 years old. You are the puppet on the carpet who must find the solution!


All of our visitors can participate in a sweepstakes if the mysteries of the maze are deciphered.

Maze at Night

Are you brave enough? Find the exit of the maze at night. We await brave visitors with extended opening hours.

Team Building

We offer a calm, peaceful, isolated environment of 2.5 hectares to organize unique team-building competitions in the middle of the steppe “Szer” only 90 minutes away from Budapest and 30 minutes from Szeged. With group tickets all of our adventure park’s services are available. The green area is free to use, for example to barbecue, grill, play football or badminton. In addition, we offer full-scale organization of team-bulding competitions with well-practised themes. The available game elements are: hedge maze, willow tree labyrinth, rope maze, numbers game, logic games (carpet labyirinths, table games, mechanical puzzles), relaxing puzzles, letter and number riddles, arcade games, steppe activity and car race. Available games thanks to our cooperating partners: archery, table soccer with real people, folk dance education.

In each case we are taking into account the company’s requests while assembling the programmes. The ideal amount of each team: 5-10 people so that we can provide a meaningful, fun entertainment for up to 200 people at the same time. The half or all day long program can also ends in our yurt with an evening of music and dance or going through the maze at night. We also organize private events. Dining is available in the neighbouring taverns, locally on the open air or inside the thatched yurt. We recommend roasted duck leg with steamed cabbage and pasrley potatoes delivered from the tavern or on site from the beehive oven.

For dessert you can enjoy baked cottage cheese pie.Various accommodation options are also offered by our partners starting from the yurt under the stars to the camp site, to a pension and wellness hotel. We offer a detailed draft programme.

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We welcome the nursery and school groups so that the children can spend unforgettable hours at us. Inside the maze we put together questions that help to get to know the local flora and fauna, history, geography and culture better. Everything is assembled in a playful, interesting way, providing a special forms of learning experience. The correct answer shows the way forward, while the incorrect one leads to a dead end. For kindergartners we prepared questions related to fables.
For adult and team-building groups we offer barbeque and grill opportunities and naturally we have compiled interesting questionnaires for them as well. The numbers game field, the folk and logic games are relevant for all age groups.