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What are the benefits of team building for my company?

Team building trainings have long been used with great success and efficiency. Thanks to the training, the possibility of burnout is reduced, thanks to the attention to each other and teamwork.

In addition, it improves work ethic, employee attitudes and contributes significantly to the development of the company in the long run.

What is the purpose of team building?

The main goal of the training is to increase the efficiency of communication, conflict management, problem solving and team work by performing playful, exciting tasks.

What is a good team building training like?

First of all, it is an attractive program for all participants, regardless of age or gender. It offers tasks that can be solved by paying attention to each other and working together. The tasks should be varied.

Include both mental challenges and physical strength tests. The quiz teams should meet as many special, interesting tasks as possible that have not been experienced anywhere else so that it remains memorable to find a way to a solution.

It is important that the venue is calm, quiet, where nothing disturbs the team members in the concentration needed to solve the tasks.

This is exactly what the Csillagösvény offers!

How can we contribute to the development of your company?


Pleasant, easily accessible location

In the middle of the prairie of Ópusztaszer, in a calm, isolated environment, on an area of 2.5 hectares, 90 minutes from Budapest and 30 minutes from Szeged, we offer a unique team-building opportunity in the Csillagösvény.

All the services of our adventure park can be used with a group ticket. The green area can be used freely, for example, you can cook, grill, play football, badminton.

Complex offer for groups

We undertake the full range of team competitions, for which we have a well-practiced theme. Available game elements (stations): hedge maze, willow braid maze, rope maze, number war, logic games, relaxing puzzles, letter and number puzzles, skill games.

Creating custom events

In each case, we design the program taking into account the requests of the given company. The ideal number of teams: 5-10 people, at the same time we provide meaningful, fun recreation for up to 200 people. The half-day or full-day program in our yurt can end with a music-dance evening and a labyrinth at night.

Organizing private events

We also undertake to organize a private event. Meals can be enjoyed in the adjoining inns, locally in the open air, or in the thatched-roof yurt. We recommend the whole roasted duck leg delivered from the inn and roasted on site in our hooded oven, with the cottage cheese pie baked in the oven with stewed cabbage, parsley potatoes and dessert.

Accommodations which meet all needs

Our partners also offer several accommodation options nearby, from a yurt with a roof opening to the starry sky, from the campsite and the pension to the spa hotel.

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