Csillagösvény galéria | Csillagösvény Ópusztaszer - Ópusztaszer

Gallery of Csillagösvény

Gallery of Csillagösvény in pictures. Take a look at the adventure park, if you like it, buy a ticket online by clicking the button below and visit us!

More pictures of the Csillagösvény from our Instagram account

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According to our pictures, do you plan to visit our European record-holder Hedge Labyrinth and theme park in Ópusztaszer? More programs are available in the Csillagösvény for you and your family, friends and colleagues as well!


Book your discounted tickets online, without queuing, with secure credit card payment and visit us when you feel like taking a little trip in nature!


Nice relaxation for the whole family and friends! Two georgeus mazes, number war fields, folk and logic games. An unforgettable experience for young and old!


Are you curious about how to pass the labyrinth with a flashlight? Would you try labyrinth at night? You have an opportunity for this in the Csillagösvény! Take a look at our opening hours, find out about our upcoming nightly programmes and visit us with your family, friends, co-workers or teammates, but even alone.

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