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Programmes of Csillagösvény

A nagy családi tökfaragás

október 23., szombat

A programokról bővebb információk az esemény Facebook oldalán olvashatók, az alábbi gombra kattintva.

Csillagösvény Attila kertje
Csillagösvény Tanösvény

Szünidei szellemparti a sövényben

október 30., szombat

A programokról bővebb információk az esemény Facebook oldalán olvashatók, az alábbi gombra kattintva.

Dates of Night labyrinth

More info about the programmes is available 1 week before the event on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Csillagösvény Attila kertje
Csillagösvény Tanösvény

Csillagösvény Hedge Labyrinth

Its walls meander 3.5 km long and shape the legendary miracle deer. The most spectacular of the programmes of Csillagösvény.

Finding the right way - which also leads through wooden bridges - is helped by a series of questions in Hungarian and English on various topics. For those who are tired of roaming, there is a viewpoint in the middle of the maze, and in summer steam gates help to cool off. Maze or a labyrinth?

Garden of Attila

King Attila the Hun was traditionally buried in a triple (gold-silver-iron) coffin along the Tisza. Maybe his (grave) garden is right here?

If you don’t even meet Attila, walk around the maze, look for the legacy of the Romans, and finally find the exit.

Csillagösvény Attila kertje
Csillagösvény Népi játékok

Folk games

You can try the chicken-slapping game, swamp walking or just barrel riding. At our car race, cars work with muscle power at the Csillagösvény. If you still have energy left after this, our “mandatory” game is to climb through the rope maze.

Our novelties: bowling, turul and badminton courts, dice rotation games (sudoku, memory, amoeba, horse jumping)

Number war field

Perfect venue for this exciting sporty game. Players are divided into two teams, preferably with equal numbers of teams.

After that, you have to place the numbered boards that are the essence of the game on your forehead and let's the game begin.

Csillagösvény Számháború pálya
Csillagösvény Játszótér


Our eco-park is a popular playground for young and old alike.

You can take advantage of the power of the water to turn the wheels, transport sand on the conveyor belt, and test how advanced your sense of balance is.


Our building, which can be clearly seen from the road leading to the National Historical Memorial Park of Ópusztaszer, is primarily a place for team-building trainings and events. In the middle we built a beehive oven suitable for cooking and baking.

The covering of the yurt evokes the floor plan of a labyrinth in a Roman palace, but sometimes also acts as a dance floor. Our giant chessboard and field table reminiscent of our historical past also can be found here.

Csillagösvény Jurta
Csillagösvény Logikai játékok

Logic games

Fun and thought-provoking logic games for ages 0-99. On the carpet, you are the puppet who must find the solution!

More programmes of Csillagösvény

Prize game

All of our dear visitors can take part in a prize game by solving the puzzles of the maze.

Night labyrinth

Brave enough to try? Find the way out from the maze under the cover of night. We welcome brave visitors with extended opening hours. Exact dates in the opening hours menu and on our Facebook page.


In the middle of the prairie of Ópusztaszer, in a calm, isolated environment, on an area of 2.5 hectares, 90 minutes from Budapest and 30 minutes from Szeged, we offer a unique team-building opportunity in the Csillagösvény.


We welcome kindergarten and school groups, children can spend unforgettable hours at Csillagösvény.

In the hedge labyrinth, we have compiled questions for schoolchildren, with the help of which they can get to know the wildlife, history, geography and culture of the area.


All this in a playful, interesting way, using a special form of learning. The correct answer shows the way forward, while the wrong one leads to a dead end. We prepared fairy tale questions for preschoolers.


We also offer barbecue and cooking opportunities for the participants of adult groups and team-building trainings, and we have compiled some interesting sets of questions for them as well. Folk games, number wars and logic games are of interest to all age groups.

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