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Introduction of Csillagösvény

Introduction about Csillagösvény Labyrinth, the venue and about Us. If you like Csillagösvény, buy tickets online by clicking the button below and visit us!


The Csillagosvény Maze Eco Adventure Park is located in Ópusztaszer, next to the National Historical Memorial Park, and is easily accessible by car, bicycle, bus and train.

The labyrinth-themed theme park, unique in Central Europe, is built from natural ingredients found in the area. It offers a world of mazes, logic puzzles, folk and children’s games from the youngest children to the active elderly. The biggest hedge maze in Europe is made even more exciting by introducing Hungarian history, geography and wildlife in an interesting and playful way.

The willow braid labyrinth is an unforgettable experience for those who want to get lost. There is also a special playground with developmental equipment and a huge number war field for children and young people. An ideal event venue is the newly built thatched yacht-shaped dry mill, which enables school, family, friends and corporate events to be held in a calm environment and in good air.

Dear Visitor! The Csillagösvény and the surrounding area offer a multi-day program. With our partners we can offer accommodation in several categories, such as star-roofed yurt accommodation, camping, apartments, but also hotels.

Of course, there are so many more opportunities to put your head to sleep, so we recommend the trivago website, which has helped us many times already when we visited theme parks like Csillagösvény across Europe on our brainstorming trips.

Green theme park

When building the labyrinth, we used natural raw materials of the area (eg willow, ice cream). We also use solar energy to generate electricity and grow our hedge plantation with water-saving drip irrigation.

We design the hedge by hand and do most of the gardening work, so our electricity consumption is low and we can collect waste selectively.

The entire area of the park, with the exception of the designated smoking area, is a smoke-free zone.

In order to promote the park, we prefer the possibilities provided by the Internet to printed advertising materials.

We believe in the power of personal experience and persuasion. In addition to the Csillagösvény, we appear at festivals across the country with interactive games, so we promote our adventure park, meet old friends of Csillagösvény, and make new ones!

The park can also be reached by public transport, bus and train (favorable transfer). The bus stop is right at the entrance, for a route check the Contact Us menu.

Accurate dates in the opening hours menu and on our Facebook page.

In the hedge labyrinth, we have compiled questions for schoolchildren, with the help of which they can get to know the wildlife, history, geography and culture of the area.


All this in a playful, interesting way, using a special form of learning. The correct answer shows the way forward, while the wrong one leads to a dead end. We prepared fairy tale questions for preschoolers.


We also offer barbecue and cooking opportunities for the participants of adult groups and team-building trainings, and we have compiled some interesting sets of questions for them as well. Folk games, number wars and logic games are of interest to all age groups.


Do you like to try the hedge labyrinth after the introduction of Csillagösvény? Buy your tickets online without queuing!

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