Csillagösvény Labirintus Emlékpark - Ópusztaszer - Online jegyvásárlás

Labyrinth of Csillagösvény

The second largest attraction of Ópusztaszer.

In the Labyrinth of Csillagösvény, we very welcome families, kindergarten and school groups, companies, and all those who want to spend an exciting day in nature!

Csillagösvény is a great choice for everyone looking for a little relaxation.

Families and friends

We very welcome you, if you want to spend an unforgottable day with your family or friends, when it comes to a birthday party, a bachelorette/bachelor party or an outdoor cooking.

Teambuilding training

In the middle of the prairie of Ópusztaszer, in a calm, peaceful, isolated environment, we offer the opportunity to organize individual team competitions.

Students and Preschoolers

We welcome kindergarten and school groups, children can spend unforgettable hours at Csillagösvény.


The Csillagösvény is an ideal venue for country-style lakeside weddings. The services of the thatched yurt and the theme park make the occasion special for everyone.

Video clip shooting

Deniz – Ösvények mentén

is the length of our labyrinths, just like the height of the Mont Blanc

long European record-holder hedge maze

different games (logical, folk, arcade, kinder)

trees to hide on the number war field

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